The Business Essentials Toolkit

The ultimate business guide with over 130 tools
from 38 categories to help your businesses thrive online.

When it comes to running an online business on your own, it’s easy to feel flustered, busy and overwhelmed by the never-ending list of new ideas and things to do.

After a morning spent answering emails, updating your social media, dealing with customers, fixing that new website issue and trying to draft your next blog post, when are you ever supposed to find the time to actually create or market your products?

You need more money, more time, and a duplicating machine to make a second YOU.

Let’s face it… You don’t have endless hours. Your to-do list will only get bigger. And that “spare time” will never come. You need a solution that will save you time and money NOW.

We’ve got good news.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Or this busy.

Because we’ve unlocked the secrets of the pros and found the best tools to save time and money in your business – so you can focus on the projects that you actually enjoy.

We’ve already grown our business from scratch to $5k+ a month in less than 25 hours a week, and it’s starting to snowball into more.

And now, we want to pass on what we’ve learned to help you take the quicker, easier road to success. That’s why we’ve created The Business Essentials Toolkit.

Imagine taking a month off working without worrying about your business, while still earning money. With these time-saving hacks and handy tools, you’ll feel like you’ve hired a virtual assistant! (BTW, we have suggestions for that, too.)

So how do these tools make your life easier?

The best website tools will save you hours of frustration, learning and technical difficulties, so you can keep your customers happy without being on-call 2/7.

Social media scheduling will allow you to plan your months or year ahead, then set-and-forget so you can work on other projects without distraction.

Monetizing tools and print-on-demand services will give you ideas on how to bring in some extra income from the blog or business you’ve already set up.

Graphic design tools, free stock photos and fonts will give your business a professional and creative edge without the cost of hiring a designer.

Analytics tools will help you track your progress, see what’s working and spy on your competitors, so you’ll never have to wonder what to focus on next.

Automation tools will take the workload off you completely, like hiring a VA.

And that’s just to mention a few!

But here’s the most important part. Your business can still bring in consistent income while you take your much-needed break.

We’ve included over 130 tools from 38 categories:

• E-Commerce tools
• Website hosting
• Drop shipping
• Print-on-demand services
• Social media scheduling
• Email marketing
• Facebook Messenger bots

• Running giveaways
• WordPress plugins
• Writing & blogging
• Monetizing resources
• Graphic design tools
• Free stock photos
• Fonts & design bundles

• Analytics & SEO
• Project Management
• Productivity
• Automation Tools
• Finances
• Outsourcing

… and more!

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Danielle Werner
Founder of Danielle Werner Designs

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